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i have evoked the great spirits to allow the energy of rain to fall from the sky. there is heavy doubt infecting the environment right now, and i care not for “the man’s” attitude for my ability to locally affect the weather system- seems they don’t like me fucking with their billion dollar scheme, HAARP & dumping chemicals into the atmosphere.

the earth needs the tears of the heavens and the heavens need to cleanse the middle ground of the sky- there are fires pumping toxins into the air, if it can be brought down then the great mother can work her magic on these toxins and send her microorganisms to work, and in the process the rain can re-saturate the ground and the ecosystem.

it’s time to give up power structures, the great computer that is our planet needs to stabilize and it’s time to stop fucking with it. there are those of use who are connected to the greater picture and you are nothing more then a small irritant to the big plan- one of which includes your willing surrender and reintegration back into the service of this great unfolding plan called life.

yes it’s all an illusion, yes it’s a dream, but don’t piss off the dreamer, and remember to remember the spirits of dream characters past who have become one again with the great spirits, because they are watching all of us and telling me all your secrets…


it’s almost time, it’s almost time…


and one day, at the end of eternity, i will burn up perfectly in a blanket of my passionate desires…