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remembering to vibrate, kind frequencies clear the soul

if i just concentrate, it’s like a constant meditation, not always there, but the application carried through ones day of the waking state can help greatly when trying to maintain center.

so now i sit and vibrate, here, but away from the intense chemical flow of emotions- sitting at center, sitting at center, sitting at center, the center is always around.

remember who is remembering, remembering who is feeling these feelings, reflection is the opportunity for transcendence. and transcendence of the then now, makes me remember to be here and not out of control while remembering to remember that there is still the chance to be overwhelmed in the moment of now.

take a breath right? ….schweew

but now is happening so this is where i am, finally unwound again, took hours, the illusion has become quite an energy drain these days- ug. and then what happens? we get tired and out escapes the doubt, manifested in all forms everywhere.

hmmm. it’s all pretty ridiculous, but i fear the trap is actually becoming stronger in its audacity sometimes, because of how well i am trying to not only resist & undermine it, but mod the program to understand the concepts of altruism.



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