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overjoyed by visitations

so recently a friend, someone who at one time i had the pleasure of working with, has returned to Seattle.

i had always thought about his return, when it would be and the things he would tell me when he came back.

recently he did return and i was not disappointed. in fact, though i was a bit upset to see him wander away on his travels several years ago, the suffering of his absence was more then worth his return.

and not only that, but he’s still with the girl he went on this adventure with; at the time i had not gotten a chance to meet her, but was able to finally sit and talk with them both. their energies complemented and connected beautifully.

i am ecstatic for his return, meeting her finally, and all the amazing things i heard. he’s playing guitar again, their jamming together, and his passion for life is defiantly still explosive- always a joy to make eye contact with artists in love with their abilities to create and be creative, and all the passion bursting from their souls.

so yesterday ended on a fantastic note, in fact that’s why i am up at 8 am in the morning because i am still over joyed by the unfolding of fate, i see great things ahead for the rest of the year, and this person, whom i consider a true friend, i also see as a good omen.



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