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Pie and Pints and Fails

so i would caution anyone going to Pies and Pints.

because the staff doesn’t want your business unless you’re a freak completely decked out in the stereotypical uniform of adolescent spilling into adult-childhood rebellion.

really? really? yes. really.

conversation overheard while waiting for the pisser: “You should have told that guy that you were gonna beat his face in and fuck him in his skull.”

yet there was no lead into this comment, nor was there a resolution for some reason the patrons at this fine establishment think that the best way to keep it in business is to chase away potential future regulars.

oh, well- as i allways say “fuck’em”

i was there consoling a friend, arrived with grace and love in my heart, and all through the night was met with ill will by the surroundings. then the beers took forever to arrive, took longer then the food, and when it did the waiter pulled the “reverse customer service bit” and made some comment about pouring a proper guiness. funny because in all the years, more than a decade, of swilling Guinness, a proper Guinness only has to do with the pour, but should still arrive at the table in the state of stabilizing, i.e. the magnificent ocean effect of the nitrogen suds swishing around.

then as if they thought they weren’t being obvious enough about not wanting me and my compatriot there, the gave a last call at 11:30pm. but what about the jungle buzzards making all the racket at the back of the bar? Maybe i don’t feel like drinking back there with a bunch of drunk barely overage alpha males, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer for us to move back closer to the bar if you’re closing the dinning area. Or was it a private friends of the employees type gathering going on?…

either way, fuck’em, there is no reason to start of one’s journey waking up the masses by catering to those who won’t listen; whores, thieves and murders i am ok with, as long as they seek the path, but it’s not my place to chase even saints who deny the truth.

though in passing, i tried, by leaving behind a generous donation of the Wingnut Dishwashers Unoin cd “Burn the Earth Leave it Behind”, in hopes of spreading a truth and love to those fucking little pricks.


*end point: Don’t eat at Pies and Pints, they don’t want your business, the service is lousy, the food sub-par, and they’ll rip you off by overcharging you if they think you’re not paying attention. (can you believe that taking advantage of your customers that way?)


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