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tonights moment to be in the moment- food and drink

think that i am going to go to pies and pints tonight. well as long as they aren’t super busy. ok busy is good, then there’s light static, pink noise, and when i start rambling to my compatriots then there is no need to someone in ear shot being offended by my psychedelic rants. plus accidentally pulling someone into my trip or frequency or state of mind without them realizing it isn’t always the best way to meet new friends.

but as long as it’s not gangster rap night, and the regulars aren’t being too alpha male, the place is pretty cool.   low level lighting, mellow vibe, your left to yourself (well not always a good thing when you need another brew), and the food is spot on for fries and all things deep fried and cheesy.

so onto pies and pints.  here is there website: and the best time, in my not so humble opinion, is to go for their late night happy hour, 10:30pm to close. but again be careful, sometimes the subculture that haunts the place ain’t too friendly to people who don’t wear “their uniform”, all black and bandannas- which is “revolutionary stereotypical” and boring- but they mean the best.

so time to rest up, smoke down, and head out round 10, of course you won’t catch my reclusive ass there if it’s tits to the wall busy!



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