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oh to work- yet to spend the day imagining no work.

so another day off to work. to stare into the eyes, and souls of brilliant people asleep. it gets hard sometimes still doing this thing to stay off the radar and seem productive for the regime. i feel that the work done, while being ridiculously easy compared to 98% of the world is fruitless and needless stress (i mean to complain in a world where 80% don’t even have clean water…). there is no sense of accomplishment from handing off quick commodities to people to let then feel better about themselves, when in the same time if i could grab their attention for long enough and tell them about this magnificent dream we are all apart of, only then would i feel that i was doing anything worthwhile, and that is not work, it is my play.

Luckily (lol, fate, i know right?), over the years despite the droves of numbers of people i have missed out on the chance of opening up, i have many blessing in the form of employees, who i have considered closer to my heart then family, for that brief time i had the opportunity to open a few minds, touch a few people’s souls- and let them understand that there are wondrous things around and “don’t to get to caught up in the game.”

in this simple act, being really here in the moment and listening to what i am really saying, that is the greatest moment i could share with anyone.

i know, that, i have really no concept of what to do for “work” after this momentary trick collapses, but sometimes necessity if the mother of invention- because the only thing i can think of is to just keep on dreaming, but the unknowns are always the most mind blowing expectations, and i am on the edge of my seat.


ps here is a fractal to ease the soul


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