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back again on wordpress

not much really to include in this other then i think that i am going to start doing my main posting here again. I still very much enjoy and all intrinsically, however there is a certain sanity toning down the symbology overflow. i am worried that the youth that has taken over the tumblr scene is not aware of the massive psychological brainwashing device that our senses are, and tumblr is something that offers instant gratification, sensory overload, and it feeds a bit into the whole double speak phenomenon of linguistics.

on that last point you see there are tons of people jumping into meme’s that are misdirections or misinterpretations, and being that most peoples extent of investigating anything is just going to wiki, well they are wrapping the self aware chaos in so many tightly wound strings of poorly designed thought- i fear that chaos will eventually strike back at these new age oppressors they way that the few of us who left the cave are striking back at this illusionary prison we’ve been held in ourselves.

at least i know there are a few integral reality evolvers that are on tumblr trying to make a difference by injecting abstract philosophy, high love concepts, and pointing the direction to self awareness.



3 Responses to “back again on wordpress”

  1. would you suggest i stop checking in on your tumblr altogether, and replace it with this site? youve been on my blogroll for a long time (on my blog) and its how i kept up with your tumblr, instead of following. i dont really grok the follow me, ask me aspect of tumblr. mine is like a scrapbook for me, and every so often i go back through and see what the prevailing mood is, what messages lie quietly between the lines. youve def. been a threshold pioneer in my life, and if you think its a good idea, ill switch the url for you on my blog to go here, instead of there.
    thanks for being.

    • yes i am thinking here. i think that the tumblr scene is something that is more a tool for digging in the vicinity of semi controlled symbolic archives. it’s nice, as you say, to delve into like a scrapbook- however i feel that it is more important for my energy to stay in a mindset where i take back control have greater awareness of my creating & creations and while the inspiration is wonderful, i feel it makes me a bit lazy and tepid for my tastes.

      one day i will burn up perfectly in a symphony of my own paradoxes and communication is integral for my desire to share with others- here is where i will do that.

      for now.

      thanks for being in this moment with me!


  2. Welcome back to the WordPress-o-sphere. Looking forward to continuing wonderful posts. And I invite you to check out my site at

    Be well, live deeply and love simply.

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