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My Theory: Reality Alternating Diagnostics

The Death of Socrates (1787)

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On the day after 2012, in many dimensions life will continue forward unabated.

But in a few, reality will become drastically reduced from a “lifeform based”, back on to “mineral based” reflection of reality.  Some completely devoid of life.

What I am saying is that there are going to be realities that continue forward, and those are more important to focus on.

In the remaining realities, life with either exist changed from the moment before the “great shift”, or it will be unchanged after the “great shift”.

See here, I think one should first look up Schrödinger’s cat , – for realities, that has not been consciously perceived yet, exist in multiples, which I argue means that we must always remember for the sake of posterity, in Reality Alternating Diagnostic philosophy discussion (my theory on reality manipulation and wormhole travel to other dimensions), that anything is truly possible including it’s most outlandish outcome as well as its most improbable, therefore everything and nothing should be taken in to consideration.

But to move on, these two reality forms, the unchanged and the changed, are not two strings, but strings divided into groups.

So here is the potential, that I am going to discuss and, allow others to, greatly influence their consciousness, into beginning to construct alternative reality strings and wormholes to them, by learning the epiphany of a philosophy, that has come to me, throughout my life; a philosophy I call:   Reality Alternating Diagnostics.

There is a changed world. In this changed world we learn that we are not just humanity but the essence of life. Our totality is everything that is alive. This lifeform lives on many planets in many galaxies, far beyond our imagination. It travels in various forms, as since life is resilient- it is unnecessary for it to evolve one of it’s “vessel groups” to be independent enough to ravle off planet and through the space (i.e. humanity), but instead is powerful enough a creation, the entirety of life, that even if we were to kill the planet and ourselves; on a molecular level, where there is still electrical current and magnetic waves of energy being absorbed, a copy of our collective consciousness is contained (like a gigantic micro computer, but the size of a quantum because it is a quantum)- so that if we died out, and a meteor-shower hit the planet and caused it to be destroyed, those remnants of particles would travel until the landed eventually on a planet, with the right conditions for life to spring back from mineral into “decay-able life vessels”, and would begin it’s complex biologically mathematical evolution back to life.

It really isn’t that hard to understand, the problem is wrapping your head around the possibility that who you are is not the tangible manifestation of flesh and bone, but actually a current, or flow of energy that has existed since the beginning;  that is beyond our ability to comprehend in our current limited container!

Anyways the point of this whole story is that you need to transmogrify through the use of psychedelics the reaffirmation of your true existence as compared to your temporary ego character, and once that is done- it doesn’t matter which reality you live in because there is a reality out there or group of realities, and in that group is an organization called GUILD. It’s the guild of guilds, it is a guild of ascended masters, and who are these people, they are you.  Actually you, from realities where you have become aware of traveling through wormholes, between different dimensions, or what scientists are know starting to call “strings”, and in that dimension, the others of yourself, that have chosen to be GUILD, are always watching over all of your strings of existence.  One of the main purposes is saving your butt from apocalyptical ends to your existence.

Doesn’t matter what happens, because it always matters what happens and we are just a stream of electricity, temporarily made mortal to ponder experience from the view point of us battling the age old question of freewill and destiny- trapped in fleshy antennas and too soon dead and gone.

i can’t be completely clear now can i…


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