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differences: Head Hunting, Wailing, female cicumscision?

while i would be the first to point out the concept of ethnocentrism, i would like to put forth the argument of:  perhaps being stern towards cultures, who practices are quite discernibly “savage” and, well ridiculous.

– and important for us to realize that evolution is not only biological but cultural and that is where the necessity of the philosopher is integral.

why are some of these things o.k.?

just to name the few that come to mind:

*female circumcision- still happens, because men fear women

*wailing- still happens, ridiculous- should be off limits

*head hunting- not allowed, but they should let them hunt the wailers

*western psychiatric pharmaceuticals- legal, works in conjunction with media programming

*utopia- not allowed, banks can’t make money

*consuming chemicals that breach the human/divine gap- not allowed, because you would remember

it’s all really confusing and in the end it’s only the subjective experience of the dreamer, stuck, embedded, lost in their many strings- constantly falling from one dimension to another, however eventually you’ll have to wake up to your importance, and the importance that is placed upon the dreams that “you” are making up-

let’s drop the violence, and reconnect to the infinite dimensional existential something, and leave the brainwashing to ourselves and not in the hands of others…



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