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my apologies to The Guild

i realize that i may have gotten a little vicarious in the past few clicks…

seems that the vampires have gotten better at disguising the “Gravatus Vermins”, that typically bleeds through their eyes and pores.  Here i was thinking i was doing my best trying to find “The Lost Fragminis”, however the hunger of the “psychic vampires” has become such that they have found a way to disguise it as the “Valde Desiderium” that is typical of “The Lost Fragminis”.

Starting now, I will do my best, to cleanse and refortify “The Sancutaury”- no longer will i allow “The Peregrinus” entrance, and no longer will i allow the new to enter.

Until we have properly transported “The Sanctuary”, to it’s new place, it will become “The Tutus Locus” again, and being such only “The Guild” will be allowed entrance or even close proximity.

You will find it easier to “warp” or “walk thru”, as there will be no chance of running across an unfamiliar.

…again my apologies- this rift seemed to be something that could have had more potential.  Perhaps when we move “The Sanctuary”,  maybe a new Vortex location will be a little better at attracting “The Lost Fragminis”.

…and now the seal that all guild members are to focus on to form a proper barrier:

“may nex eat velociter conscientia of vampire ingredior trans nostrum sanctus patria”



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