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ionospheric pressure

do you know what the ionosphere is?

do you have a few minutes everyday, here and there, where you find yourself wondering what to look up on the web- cuz you’re checking your email, wrestling with facebook OCD, but really no, neither of these things feels too worthwhile?

Perhaps, you could take the time to learn about something that is even more important to our existence?

Find a few search engines- shit check out “make shit up”-o-pedia, but just take the time to look into it.


Certain antennas need certain alloys to better receive transmissions.  Now consider your ridiculously complex evolved machine, your body- neural networks beyond sciences ability to re-create let alone comprehend totally, and consider the elctro-magnetic waves flowing all around us; it comes from the plants, other biological lifeforms, hell it comes from the fucking planet- supposedly inanimate objects…

We absorb it, we transmit it- it causes our body to mutate- even memory imprinting, having an experience and then the brain creating the neural network for said memory of experience, we are not this wetwork- we are something far greater, and we are everywhere, all the time.  And that is what causes our evolution, transmission and reception of frequency…

It is only our obsession with the immediate sensations that the Antenna, our body- think gigantic river of flowing water, and all we are is a little eddy or tidal pool of to the side; why not realize how important we really are, because who we really are is the Totality of Creation.

Being lost in the dream of physical being- it is a limitation that is quite literally killing us.

Don’t let anyone destroy the ionosphere, because it will destroy the being that is EARTH.

You, me, that rock over there, the cat who wants you to open some food for it, your enemies and your lovers, just one creature lost in a dream of solid reality.

Damn all this oxygen, it’s like LSD for gods.



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