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remeber to be fluid like the wind…

there are many things in life that try to solidify our souls and cause us to be hardened to those around us…

we feel ourselves drawn into reactions and away from the mindfulness of our true self- that exists outside the illusion of our ego…

this is where we should remember that the manipulators, regardless of the current manifestation, are just here to exploit our emotional connection to desire…

desire is not a bad thing, but is simply a want masquerading as a need- and in the experience of the five senses, things we think we need, give us the gratification that makes us temporarily feel tickled with our life, ourselves and gives us a momentary illusion of being in the moment…

so to combat embrace all of this we should all remember:

1.   everything will always be as it was meant to be

2.  everything physical is merely a solidified manifestation of the pure energy of love

3.  slow down, react less, and enjoy the slack of life

4.  take a breath, and when breathing, feel your life; it’s all the same for everyone

5.  everything is impermanent, except for love, and our love is eternal

6.  punish not your ego, for perfection is desire

7.  embrace your love, teach your ego, learn from your desire

8.  remember that you have the right, at any moment, to close your eyes, breath deeply and and become part of the tapestry of life- this gift of the moment is precious and yours to experience

in closing, the problem that i see most, is how quick my reactions are to cry out “unfair”, and how equally quick I have become at being mindful enough, to vibrate from deep in my soul outward, “no, more then fair, this is the moment”.


and everything is gonna be alright, may not be what we want, but it will be what we need- i promise.


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