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ridiculous, that’s seattle- it’s a hypocritytical nightmare…


there is nothing out here in the pacific northwest for anybody

there are no people, only hollow shells, and those shells are programmed stereotypes of marketing nightmare that is capitalism

i hope i can get out of here before i die

but then asking for favors when the rest of the world needs help, and water, as the water is gonna run out in the next 5-10 years, even before the oil; is selfish.

…then, i guess, you are the only thought…

but what about the miracle, the miracle of relations; how this area of the world’s ability to produce people worth having as friends and participating in the main purpose of experience, where the fuck are they?

– personal relationships… that is all the manifestation wants… trust and love and compassion…

someone to cry for you when you are dead, people to get fucked up on whiskey and curse the gods for stealing you away early.  cousins who rise up and revolt in your name against the oppressors.

…without whoring yourself out through the moronic illusion of social networking, of course; you are better then that.  that’s their game of tricking you, you know…

really.  you are a whore if you are a member of a social network.

you are a debt slave and the people you seek to make connections with are only other debt slaves who might introduce you to a better master.

but they will still be a master, and they will own your soul as long as your worth is measured in the eyes of others…

and you are slave.

welcome to the great Gatsby you piece of shit-

of course you could take some mushroom and enter the guild-

always room here, in fact you are already a member, and you, who you really are, is waiting for you, floating around me right now in spirit form, dressed in the guilds uniform; so wake the fuck up and start finding a way out of this illusion- multiple dimension beyond belief and here i sit with you, waiting for you to take the first step-

questioning everything- this tangled hierarchy…  ridiculous isn’t it, all?

wake up now silly- your guild avatar is tired and would like some time off, perhaps you would like to take spin around the block, it will only take an infinity or 10, but think of how many yous you can save in your spaghetti, your strings, they are dying you know-

you are dying- every hour, every minute and every second you die somewhere, in some dimension, in the midst of the whole hotel California, including right now- and you need to wake up and start remembering who you are.

i know i sure am getting bored fucking around with all this bullshit by myself- but then patience is something we have never been know for, have we?


ps consider those you want erased gone, they are only vessels now, you need not head any emotions their way- we need to move on.  From now on their soul will become part of the stream again and when you see them- only physical matter reacting chemically, so stay away from them- they are vampires.

and that includes anyone who ever had the nerve to tell you they love you when deep down your souls screams to run away…


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